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About us

Our story

SIA Lubeco is a family-owned company founded in 2011. Everything begun with a bag full of quince, which was sent by our relatives as a gift. From the aromatic fruit we created fantastically tasty quince syrup, just like my mother used to made when I was a child. I still remember this special, sweetly sour taste, which makes mouth watery. It gave us the right impulse to plant quince in an area of 1 ha, and later we planted strawberries. Now, in the area of 7 ha, strawberries, quinces, apples and pumpkins are harvested every year in Talsi municipality near the village of Lubezeres. From harvested fruits and berries we produce soft dried candied fruits with very expressive flavour, as well as vitamin rich juices, syrups and beverages.

Latvian Strawberries

We are very proud of our created brand name Latvian Strawberries. The need for such brand creation arose when we could not convince buyers that big, beautiful and tasty strawberries we sell have really grown in Latvia. Currently the brand Latvian Strawberries has already conquered its place in the Latvian market and is recognizable by the beautiful, fresh and tasty strawberries.


SIA Lubeco's work would not matter if it did not bring joy. Therefore, we have created the brand Pikolo, so that everyone would get a pleasure from tasting every piece of dried candied fruit, each sip of a drink we prepare from carefully selected Latvian berries and fruits. You can enjoy this carefree game as a child!
It is important for us that the berries and fruits that we grow are natural and contain a lot of vitamins, which is why strawberries are grown according to integrated cultivation method, but quinces, apples and pumpkins are grown biologically. All products are produced without colourants, flavourings and flavour enhancers.
To offer the highest quality products for our customers, we are involved in the entire process – from berry growing and production to marketing. When choosing raw materials, we prefer super berries and super fruits characteristic to Latvia, to which we apply careful production technology and accurate work, and produce very delicious products.
Whenever creating a new product or choosing a strawberry variety, we test how tasty is our product or strawberries. And only if we find a really genuine and unique taste of berries or fruit, which makes the customer come back, we can say that we have achieved the result.


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Dried candied fruits
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Candied fruits in chocolate
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Apply for and enjoy an excursion – we will show our agricultural holding and let taste our goodies! During winter and autumn you can visit the site, while in spring and summer you can additionally see strawberry and quince fields.
Minimal number of people in one group - 4 people.
Apply by calling to number +37127738809, write to e-mail or in our Facebook page at
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Apply for a job in a strawberry field or site if you want to be a part of our team!


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  • VAT Reg.No. LV41203042614

  • Address: “Puriņi', Ārlavas pag., Talsu nov., LV-3260

  • Bank: AS Citadele banka

  • Account No. LV05PARX0013413590001


  • FVS (Food and Veterinary Service) Reg.No. 054627

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